A digital revolution

8 min read

Kia ora and welcome to Dosh!

Here at Dosh we want to make the everyday lives of New Zealanders easier by providing simple and convenient financial solutions. We aim to bring the world’s best technology to our shores and make it available to you, on your smartphone.

At Dosh we believe …

  • Accessing everyday services should be simple and convenient. We all lead busy lives, and too much time is taken up by time consuming and complex solutions.
  • The price you pay for financial services should be lower and more transparent than they are today. The government agrees, that is why they are seeking to regulate costs such as those businesses pay to accept card payments.
  • Digital technology on our smartphones is the future. We want to say goodbye (and good riddance) to paper forms, visiting branches and queuing in lines.
  • Locally owned, digitally focused technology companies like Dosh are best placed to enhance the lives of New Zealanders through innovation in financial services.

Overseas, recent innovations in technology have made services such as paying a friend as simple as a tap on your smartphone. Doing the same in New Zealand is not so easy – first you need to find your 16 digit bank account number, give the number to your friend, they put it into their internet banking … you know the drill, and then you wait for the money to arrive. Not as easy as a tap on your smartphone!

With Dosh you will be able to instantly pay, request to be paid or redeem rewards all within the Dosh app.

Changing the way we do things is not easy, and we need your help to revolutionise banking in New Zealand. Join the movement today by signing up to our waitlist on our website, and help us shape the digital revolution.