A New Way to Pay, with Dosh

7 min read

The way we pay for things has evolved rapidly in recent years, right around the world. Since the arrival of Covid-19, we have been forced to consider different ways to pay and be paid for goods whilst also keeping ourselves safe.

In New Zealand, recurring Covid lockdowns have forced us to consider contactless payment solutions. We have heard about steep credit card and Paywave fees crippling local businesses doing their best to stay afloat amidst the harshest of trading conditions.

At the same time, Kiwis very quickly integrated a new, important ritual into their days: scanning the NZ Covid Tracer app to QR codes to check in at each place visited.

Later this year Dosh will bring digital wallet technology to New Zealanders for the first time. What is a digital wallet? Very simply, it is a wallet on your smartphone, allowing instant scan to pay transactions using a QR code or via SMS, anytime and anywhere there is mobile phone coverage. With the Dosh app installed, Kiwis will be able to bypass the ATMs and leave their physical wallets at home.  

Used right across the globe, digital wallet apps are an increasingly popular payment solution which offer a raft of benefits and features, including instant, contactless, and free peer to peer payments, significantly lower fees for retailers and an inbuilt marketing suite enabling businesses to send offers and rewards direct to their customers via smartphone.  

Currently in New Zealand, the only way to instantly pay someone any day of the week is with cash. The Dosh app will enable users to instantly pay or receive money from friends 24/7, using just the recipient’s phone number and a smartphone. Dosh’s Split the Bill function will allow instant reimbursements at the tap of a button. Paying the babysitter or making online marketplace purchases can be made on the spot seven days a week, with funds showing up in your Dosh account instantly. No more waiting til Monday for money to show up in your account, no more out of the way trips to an ATM for cash.

The Dosh digital wallet will be available to download through the Apple and Google app stores. It will take a matter of minutes to download and set up, and from our own experience, and that of billions of users around the world, we expect that once you start using a digital wallet you will never look back.

Dosh is set to launch in Q3, 2021. Share our signup link with someone you think will love the ease and convenience of the Dosh digital wallet app, so you’re all onboard when we do!