Dosh – Saving time & money for tradespeople

10 min read

Blocked drains, blown circuits, overgrown hedges & lawns, a vehicle breakdown, cricket ball through window, leaky roof or interior paint job. Tradespeople provide essential services to Kiwis, not often constrained by time of day. As we continue our educational series on everyday use cases for the Dosh digital wallet app, here we take the perspective of a tradesperson.  

Tim runs a small but busy plumbing business. As with many small business owners, Tim plays a hands-on role in day-to-day operations. Resources are limited, and a burst water mains pipe stops for no-one.  

Reluctant to spend precious capital on outsourcing invoicing, Tim’s most pressing pain point sits around cashflow. Money in vs money out. Tim operates with 7 day payment terms in a bid to keep the cash coming in, but client invoices frequently go unpaid. A significant portion of Tim’s (and by extension Tim’s wife’s) time is spent creating invoices, sending them out, and chasing up payments. An inefficient and far too large a portion of Tim’s working week, which could be spent acquiring new business.

Tim’s frustrations around invoicing & receiving client payments summarise a tradesperson’s life in New Zealand today. With cash payments a no-go and mobile eftpos units clunky & costly, there is currently no efficient solution for this very real problem, one that is shared by thousands across the country, every single day.

Enter Dosh, New Zealand’s first digital wallet app set to launch in Q3 of 2021. Dosh will enable Tim to take payments instantly upon completion of a job, 7 days a week via his smartphone. No fees, no creating invoices, no chasing up payments. By using Dosh, Tim & thousands like him will save time, money & hassle. Best of all, as a contractor, it will not cost Tim or his clients a thing.  

Digital wallet apps have seen a surge in popularity globally in recent years. The Covid climate has contributed to their rise, with the number of unique digital wallet users expected to exceed 4.4 billion globally by 2025, up from 2.6 billion in 2020 (Juniper Research).

Dosh will be the first to bring this technology to New Zealand later this year, and will change the way you transact. Sign up to the waitlist now to be among the first Kiwis to experience the efficiencies Dosh will afford your small business.