Dosh scores another first for Kiwi fintech

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Dosh Card launched with Visa

Award-winning Kiwi mobile wallet provider Dosh has scored another first in New Zealand – the Dosh Card.

In collaboration with Visa, the Dosh Card is now available to all Dosh customers, giving Kiwis access to a physical card connected to an instant, real-time payments network for the first time.

“When Dosh launched late last year, it was the first truly mobile wallet. Now we can offer instant payments at any merchants with a Visa-enabled terminal,” says co-founder of Dosh James McEniery.

The Dosh Card is a prepaid debit card linked to a Dosh account on your smart phone which enables in store and online purchases where-ever Visa is accepted. This is the first time money can be sent and received instantly, 24/7 and then be immediately available to spend from a card.

The Dosh Card unlocks an entirely new level of money management, value and capability that until today has not been available in New Zealand. The card can be ordered for free via the Dosh app, and once activated, customers can use the card to spend money from their Dosh account at Visa-enabled merchants.

Only available funds can be spent; users are unable to go into debt with the Dosh Card, helping to embed prudent spending habits.

There are no monthly account fees or card payment fees for Dosh users.

What is Dosh

Dosh is New Zealand’s first mobile wallet app, enabling easy and instant payments 24/7 via mobile phone number or QR code, without the need for bank account numbers. Kiwi co-founders Shane Marsh and James McEniery were neighbours working in Singapore, where they quickly became used to the ease of paying via digital platforms. When McEniery and Marsh opted to return to New Zealand amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic, they decided to create Dosh to bring some of that convenience and innovation to New Zealand’s financial services market.

Sharing flat costs

Co-founder James McEniery has not been surprised by the uptake of Dosh by those flatting to share household costs. Now, with the Dosh Card, money paid back to a flatmate can be spent instantly at Visa-enabled retailers. “Add your Dosh Card details to your utility account then it’s as easy as tapping on the transaction in-app to divvy up flat bills and get paid back instantly”, he says. “We’re thrilled to see the number of flatmates across the country using Dosh, and now the Dosh Card, to manage their payment admin.”

Taking the pain out of splitting restaurant bills

Time-consuming for customers and hospitality workers alike, splitting restaurant and bar bills has long been a notorious pain point. The Dosh Card provides an instant and easy solution, eradicating the need for multiple customers lining up at the till. The bill can be paid with the Dosh Card, then split out instantly on the spot from the app.

Dosh Deals to reward customers

Another feature is the in-app access to Dosh Deals; retail discounts and cashback offers redeemed via the Deal with online Dosh Card purchases. Similar reward schemes are commonly integrated with leading mobile wallet apps around the world, now Kiwis have access to these incentives via Dosh.

Digital inclusion

Dosh’s ability to make instantaneous money transfers could help the most vulnerable in society get access to welfare payments when they most need them, then use their Dosh Card to purchase groceries or fuel. Not every welfare beneficiary in New Zealand has access to a bank account, but as a smartphone-first nation with mobile phone penetration at 114% of the population in 2021, Dosh has a ready-made solution to get money into the hands of New Zealanders quickly and safely.

A significant year for Dosh

Since launch in October 2021, Dosh has achieved a number of milestones, including launching New Zealand’s first 24/7 instant payments app, raising a record $5M in Seed funding, a partnership with Visa, and being named the first non-bank to receive the Canstar Award for Innovation Excellence 2022. The Dosh Card now provides the link between the Dosh instant payments platform and retailers the length of the country.

Dosh co-founders Shane Marsh and James McEniery are available for interview.