Dosh: The Digital Revolution for Kiwis

8 min read

Changing the way we do things takes practice. At Dosh we are making Kiwis’ lives easier by providing access to simple, convenient and cheaper financial solutions, straight from your smartphone. Many of these solutions have been available in other parts of the world for many years, yet not available in New Zealand until now. For Kiwis who have experienced the ease and convenience of digital wallets abroad, Dosh is the solution they’ve been waiting for. For those new to the concept, everyday payments are all of a sudden frictionless, safe and instant. Like all new technology, the more we use it, the more we wonder how we managed without it.

With the launch of Dosh in October this year, Kiwis discovered for the first time that paying a friend back can be as simple as a tap from a smartphone. Requesting payment and splitting bills can now be done instantly, even at the weekend. Making a marketplace purchase no longer requires an envelope full of the exact amount of cash; or setting up a new payee via online banking and having to copy in a 16-digit bank account number. With the Dosh app on your phone, all these scenarios are now easy. Dosh offers a faster, easier and safer way to chip in for bills & share costs between social groups via mobile number or your own unique QR code.

Dosh’s business solution enables small business owners to accept payments anytime, anywhere via QR code, either printed and on display or via the Dosh for Business app on a smartphone. With maximum fees of 1.5% per day Dosh for Business also eliminates the need for payment terminal rental costs, meaning business owners retain more of their hard-earned revenue whilst keeping staff and customers safe.

Digital technology on our smartphones is the future. We want to say goodbye to paper forms, visiting branches and queuing in lines. We believe the price small businesses pay to accept payments should be lower and more transparent than it is today. We want everyday transactions between friends and to businesses to be easy. Digital wallet technology has been around the world globally for 14 years, with more than 3 billion users and counting. We think it’s high time Kiwis have the chance to benefit from it too.