Let’s compare…

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Time for a quick comparison. Over the past few months Dosh has been asking you, the people, what it is you love, and perhaps more importantly, don’t love about the ways we have available to pay each other in New Zealand right now.

Think reimbursing a mate for concert tickets, a Saturday morning girls’ brunch out, winery tour, fishing trip or just splitting out expenses between flatmates.  

Cash, unsurprisingly, is no longer king. With bank branches closing across the country, trips to the nearest ATM are inconvenient at best. So we are left with the online bank transfer. Coincidentally the most prevalent bugbear of the focus groups we have spoken to.

Let’s take a look at how Dosh stacks up against Kiwis’ current ‘way to pay’, the online bank transfer:

To dive a little deeper:


  • Download the Dosh app from the Apple or Google app store. Complete a simple verification process & transfer funds from your regular bank account for free, instantly. You’re good to go.  
  • Pay anyone: Pay & receive money to/from anyone with the Dosh app downloaded on their smartphone.
  • Pay anywhere: Anywhere there is mobile coverage, you can pay & receive money instantly via Dosh.
  • Pay anytime: 24/7. Yes that includes late nights and weekends. No more waiting for Monday to roll around for funds to show up. Dosh payments happen in real-time, day or night.  
  • Pay instantly: Dosh is the only platform in NZ to enable instant transactions between wallets.  
  • Scan to pay: Generate a QR code instantly from within your Dosh wallet. Your mate scans the code, and you receive payment, instantly.
  • Request via mobile number: Select a mobile number from your contacts list, enter the amount you’re owed, hit send.  
  • Notifications when paid: Receive instant notification of payment received. That’s it! Funds show up instantly.  
  • No bank account number swapping: With Dosh, you don’t need to enter a 16-digit bank account number, which means you can’t get it wrong!
  • Automated requests for payment: It can be awkward asking friends to pay you back. With Dosh, sending an automated request removes the personal aspect.  

Bank transfer:

  • Set up new payee within banking app: Is your ‘Saved Payees’ list the length of the White Pages? For an online bank transfer, you need to enter the name & details for every payment you make. Inefficient!
  • Type in 16-digit bank account number: So much room for error. And manually typing this in for each new transfer you need to make? Inefficient.
  • Enter particulars, code & reference for both parties: Time consuming & inefficient.  
  • Monday to Friday only: Making a payment during the weekend? You’ll need to wait for Monday to see the funds cleared in your bank account. Looks like it’s baked beans for you this weekend. ☹  

The Dosh digital wallet app will be fast, effective and easy to use. Payments happen in real time, instantly. We are all about convenience, saving time & money wherever possible. Join our waitlist now, so you and your mates will be able to download the app as soon as we launch, and transform the way you pay for good! Watch this space – we are literally counting down the days!