Not Sure When to Use Dosh? Read on…

10 min read

Online Marketplaces:

Dosh provides Kiwis with the fastest, safest and easiest payment solution for everyday marketplace purchases on platforms like TradeMe. Simply let your seller know you want to pay by Dosh. If the seller does not have Dosh, they can download the app and register in minutes. From there, the seller simply shares their unique QR code from within the app; you scan, enter the amount and hit send. The money is transferred instantly, even at the weekend. No more showing up with a wad of cash, no more setting up new online banking payees, no banking delays. Just instant, easy and secure. Your seller will be instantly notified of funds arriving, and all that’s left to do is arrange collection.


Burst pipe? Call your plumber, then pay them by Dosh. Tradespeople across the country can now accept payments on the spot by simply presenting their unique QR code for instant scan-to-pay. Time saved on invoicing and chasing up forgotten payments; cashflow problems eliminated. Dosh for Business provides small businesses with a cheaper, faster and safer way to accept payments. Have your local tradie register for Dosh for Business so they can save time, money and admin; and focus on new business instead of dealing with late payers. Fees are capped at a daily 1.5% max, and it’s completely free to register at

Flat Party:

Uni students love to socialise, but parties are expensive. Here’s an idea: for your next flat knees-up, have your mates chip in for costs upon entry. Simply print your unique Dosh QR code from within the Dosh app and stick it up at the front door. As your mates arrive, have them scan the code and enter the amount. You receive instant notification of money received; costs are covered. With Dosh it’s instant, it’s easy and it’s safe. Try this at your next party.

Group payments:

Lunch with friends? Weekend away? Fishing trip? Sharing group costs with Dosh is easy. Simply send an instant payment request via your phone to each member of the group, using just their mobile number, or share your unique QR code from within the app. They receive instant notification with the amount to reimburse and hit confirm. You receive instant notification of funds received, and the money shows up in your Dosh account instantly. No more reminders, no more waiting for funds to show up. Weekend? No problem. Dosh transactions happen in real time, seven days a week at any time of the day or night.


Imagine a way to take payments at school fundraising events that didn’t include loose change and floats. No need to find the nearest ATM to withdraw cash. Register with Dosh for Business as a charitable organisation and accept payments instantly and contactlessly, with a maximum fee of 1%. Dosh for Business assigns your organisation, whether school, church, or charity, a unique QR code so all you need to do is print and display it. Visitors simply scan to pay and funds transfers instantly, seven days a week.


Make sure your crew has the Dosh app downloaded for the next festival. New Zealand’s first digital wallet facilitates onsite food & beverage purchases, helps reduce queues and delivers an all-round more efficient festival experience. Group payments for fuel & supplies can be sorted on the spot at the tap of a button from your smartphone, meaning no one is left out of pocket. Send out an instant request to any mobile number or scan a QR code to complete the transaction. Dosh is free to download and is about to make your festival admin a whole lot simpler.

These are just some of the ways you’ll be able to benefit from using the Dosh app on your smartphone; we’re sure you’ll find many more. People all around the world transact with friends and businesses via digital wallets on a daily basis, and with Dosh, Kiwis can now do the same.