On the Festival Tour with Dosh

6 min read

We’ve passed the Winter Solstice and the Dosh team, ever the optimists, are counting down to the great Kiwi summer. The first Kiwi summer you’ll be able to transact instantly & seamlessly using your Dosh digital wallet!

And where better than at one of our beloved big summer festivals? Not so beloved are the queues and excessive transaction fees that have become synonymous with these types of events.

You know how it goes: queues to get in the gate, then queues to get wristband; queues to load money onto wristband; fees to load money onto wristband. Make food & beverage purchases with wristband; then queue, top up, more transaction fees. Repeat as required until the end of the night when, you guessed it, more queues to refund remaining wristband balance back to your bank account (if you can be bothered). An expensive day out!

This summer look out for Dosh at your favourite festival. New Zealand’s first instant payments app will facilitate onsite food & beverage purchases, help reduce queues and deliver an all-round more efficient festival experience. You’ll be able to make instant, contactless payments by simply scanning a QR code on a smartphone, eliminating credit card fees & the need for wristbands, and reducing wait times. Group payments will be easily managed via the touch of a button within the app. Need reimbursing? Send out an instant request to any mobile number, or scan a QR code to complete the transaction on the spot.

Best of all, Dosh is free to download from the app store, and you can load funds instantly from your bank account to your digital wallet. No credit card fees, no delays in receiving payments. Instant, convenient, secure and free. Sound good? With a raft of spring & summer events on the calendar, make sure you & your festival crew have the Dosh app so you can all spend less time queuing & sorting money logistics, and more time soaking up the party atmosphere.  

If you or someone you know runs festivals or events, we’re happy to speak to them about how Dosh will streamline their next event. Get in touch today.