Pay and Get Paid, Instantly

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With Dosh tantalisingly close to launch, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into the sign-up process, and let you know about some of the fantastic things you’ll be able to do with the Dosh app on your smartphone. Downloading Dosh is simple; when the time is right, just head to the Apple or Google app stores & search ‘Dosh’. Look for the


It is critical we keep you and your money safe, so once you have the app you’ll be directed through a simple verification process. Have a drivers’ licence or other photo ID handy to complete the process in a couple of minutes. Once verified you’re good to go. You’ll soon see how easy it is to navigate within the app.

Hot tip #1: Make sure you turn on notifications from your online bank account platform. You’ll be wanting to load money to your Dosh wallet straight away, and your bank may send you an instant notification to check you’re you!

Hot tip #2: Head to the ‘Invite friends’ screen & invite them all! Start sending & receiving money straight away.

Hot tip #3: Start Doshing your friends and family!

Not sure when you might want use Dosh to Dosh your mates? Check out the following examples, to name a few:

Dosh your mates

Your bubble-buddy Emma picks up Level 3 takeaways. Pay your share back to Emma instantly! Select her mobile number from your contacts list within the app, enter the amount you owe, hit send. Emma’s happy, you’re happy.

Dosh – Paying back mates made simple.

Dosh your social group

You arrange an end-of-season gift for your team’s coach. Open your Dosh app, navigate to Split the Bill. Enter the total amount to split, select the team members from your contacts list, hit send. They’ll receive an instant request for payment; you’ll be instantly notified when they pay, and the money is in your Dosh wallet instantly. No 16-digit bank account numbers, no setting up payees.

Dosh – Paying back the money you owe, made simple.

Paying bills

The electricity bill arrives. Select your flatmates’ phone numbers from your contacts list, send a payment request. Your flatmates accept, you are notified, and the electricity money is back in your Dosh wallet instantly.

Dosh – Paying your bills, made simple.

Marketplace purchases

Get that marketplace waterblaster, just in time for Father’s Day. No ATM visit, no dirty cash, no contact, no waiting for Monday until the money shows through. Pay the seller instantly via their mobile number with Dosh. Waterblaster paid for, Dad can get busy. Instantly.

Dosh – sorting out your Father’s Day gift, made simple.

With Dosh, there is no mucking around with bank account details, no hassle around contactless payments, no awkward requests to be paid back and no waiting for money to turn up in your account.

Watch your money come & go in real time with Dosh, NZ’s first peer to peer digital wallet, independent & 100% Kiwi owned. Time is running out to join our waitlist – do it now!

Dosh. Pay and get paid, instantly.