Paying for Marketplace Purchases

5 min read

We all know Kiwis love a bargain. And with the introduction of online marketplaces such as TradeMe, everyday exchanges of secondhand goods have become a lot easier. Gone are the days of trawling through classifieds in the local paper and crack-of-dawn weekend garage sale pursuits.

One thing that has not got easier is the way we pay for these goods. Currently, there are two options:  

1. Take a wad of cash to a stranger's place when you pick up the goods, or

2. Pay by internet banking and wait for the money to arrive prior to collection.

With the arrival of Dosh comes a third much easier, faster, and safer way to pay. Let’s compare Dosh with options 1 & 2 above to see how they stack up.

Dosh will provide Kiwis with the fastest, safest, and easiest payment solution for everyday marketplace purchases.  

With the Dosh app on your smartphone, simply let your seller know you want to pay by Dosh. If the seller does not have Dosh, they can download the app & register in minutes. Loading funds from an online bank account is instant. The time and effort it takes to join will be faster, more convenient & more secure than the alternatives. Pay by Dosh? Good to go.

To be the one of the first to use Dosh in New Zealand, join our waitlist now. It really is the smarter way to pay.