Planning Ahead – Business at Level 3

7 min read

Once more we find ourselves at the mercy of Covid-19, re-adjusting to social distancing, mask wearing, keeping to our bubbles, staying safe. Businesses across the country have been plunged again into doubt, debt and worry, hopeful of a swift move to Level 3 where many will once again be able to operate in some way.

At Level 3, we will be able to get out for our daily coffee, bread, takeaways, and other luxuries not available to us at Level 4. But for many small businesses, setting up contactless payments can be a headache and come at a significant cost. How do retailers and consumers keep themselves safe whilst exchanging payment for these goods?

Before Dosh: A current ‘contactless’ payment solution in NZ

We applaud those thinking outside the square (or lunchbox) however honesty boxes and IOUs are an unsustainable short term ‘half-solution’. PayWave, whilst handy, incurs transaction fees disproportionate for many small businesses for whom, particularly in times of Covid, every penny counts.  

To date, there has been no alternative to the largely Australian-owned banking solutions dominating the market in New Zealand. No way to instantly pay and receive funds, no option to scan a QR Code to pay someone.

Until now. Launching soon, Dosh is New Zealand’s first independent, instant peer to peer payment solution. Founded by Kiwis, for Kiwis, Dosh will enable you to securely send and receive money with friends, family or businesses instantly through an app on your phone, making it easy to purchase from stores and pay friends back. Select a mobile number from your contacts list, or simply generate a QR Code to share from within the app. Money moves instantly, anytime, anywhere – including weekends.  

At Dosh, we’re aware of the pain many small businesses are experiencing in uncertain Covid times. To SMEs around the country awaiting entry into Level 3, we encourage you to reach out to find out how Dosh can help keep your merchant fees low, and your staff and customers safe at the same time.  

Contact us directly, or join our waitlist to be among the first to download the Dosh digital wallet app when we launch.