Podcast: Business is Boring - The app making it easier to share your Dosh

2 minutes
The app making it easier to share your Dosh.

New Zealand is well behind the rest of the world when it comes to transferring money between banks. Shane Marsh and James McEniery discovered this when they were living in Singapore and started Aotearoa’s first real time payment mobile wallet. They aim to bring banking in New Zealand into the 21st century, and they chat with Simon about how they plan to do it.

Tune into Simon Pound's Business is Boring Podcast and take a listen to The app making it easier to share your Dosh.

About Dosh

Dosh was founded by Kiwis Shane Marsh & James McEniery who, after spending a number of years in Singapore, returned home to launch a mobile payments solution that is in pace with banking technology from the rest of the world.  Locally owned and digitally focused, the Dosh team believes they can enhance the lives of New Zealanders through innovation in everyday financial services. Dosh’s vision is to become a material player in the financial services industry, focused on providing simple and convenient digital solutions for everyday Kiwis.

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