The Digital Future of Payments

7 min read

All around us are signs of our increasingly digital future. According to a recent study posted in The Guardian the amount of time we spend in the world inside our phone is rivalling the time we spend in our homes. From our smartphone we can now game, study, shop, socialise, listen to music and watch TV. And we can do our banking.  

Most Kiwis already transact via their online banking platform, but for those accustomed to more traditional payment methods, news that NZ banks are right now phasing out cheque books & closing physical branches across the country may cause concern. Very soon you will not be able to pay by cheque or withdraw cash from your local branch. It is becoming more & more important that we all embrace the digital future of payments. The good news is it needn’t be as daunting as people may think.  

For some in our community, a digital future seems frightening. However the events of 2020 introduced to many of us the concept of scanning a QR code via our Covid Tracer App. Almost immediately, for the young, the old and everyone in between scanning the QR code became a frequent daily ritual that soon became habit. We knew that by scanning our smartphone onto a printed QR code, we were doing our bit to help keep our community safe.

We can look at the Dosh digital wallet app in a similar way when applied to making and receiving everyday payments instantly.  

Dosh will offer a raft of features and benefits designed to make your day-to-day financial transactions simple, convenient, and best of all instant, while offering the highest levels of security in line with NZ financial regulations. Around the world digital wallets are commonplace and usage continues to increase at a rapid pace globally. The launch of Dosh this year will introduce Kiwis to a smarter way to pay and receive money.

Our message to you and your loved ones: embrace our digital future. Scanning QR codes in a multitude of everyday situations will become the norm in New Zealand, as it already is across the globe. We’re here to help, so please contact us if we can help you or a family member understand the Dosh digital wallet app better.  

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