The Trials & Tribulations of Group Payments

13 min read

(Spoiler Alert: There’s a Better Way)

We’ve all been there, numerous times. All the time actually. Whenever we get together in a social setting, 9 times out of 10 we are faced with the logistics of group payment.  

Here are some scenarios which we suspect will resonate:

A Friday afternoon in summer.

School parents decide to head to the beach for an impromptu group get-together. Pop home to grab togs & towels, boogie boards & beach cricket then head to the local beach. Glorious. More families join. Before long the kids start to trickle back, wanting dinner. Fish & chips! Someone takes the order & heads off to the takeaway store to pick it up; or better yet has Uber Eats deliver. $235 later, the kids are fed & back in the water. And one of you is out of pocket.  

Someone offers a $20 note, others will transfer the balance online. How much do I owe you? Most of these people do not have your online bank details; truth be told you cannot be bothered to work it all out, have them take down your 16-digit bank number & check back after the weekend to see if everyone has remembered to reimburse you. If only there was a better way!

Girls’ night out!

There’s a birthday to celebrate; cue drinks, dinner & dancing in the city. Drinks are ordered for the table. Catching up, talking, laughing.

Now time to leave for the restaurant; an orderly line forms at the till for each to pay their share. ‘No split bills’ says the sign (but you charm the bartender into overlooking that this time). 20 minutes later the bill is settled, and you are late for the restaurant. Mary only had one drink, but you can’t work that out. Divide the bill by 8, and too bad if you consumed less; or are left last in line with the outstanding amount somehow greater than what the rest paid. It’s the same story at dinner, and by the time you hit the dance floor you’re having too much fun to care who owes whom what. No doubt, someone will again be out of pocket. All of this adds up (don’t we know it)!

The same story, over and over on a daily basis right across NZ. Splitting the bill is cumbersome. Much as we endeavour to be good, if it doesn’t happen on the spot, reimbursing a friend often doesn’t happen at all. Swings & roundabouts yes, but the fact is splitting payments is a real problem that most of us are familiar with.  

Enter Dosh. With Dosh, group payments become simple. Via your Dosh app, you can send an instant payment request via your phone to each member of the group, using just their mobile number. They receive instant notification with the amount to reimburse and tap PAY. You receive instant notification of funds received, and you guessed it, the amount shows up in your Dosh account instantly. No more reminders, no more waiting for funds to show up. Weekend? No problem. Dosh transactions are instant, seven days a week at any time of the day or night.  

Dosh will have countless features & benefits, all focused on making day-to-day financial transactions more convenient, simpler & best of all instant. With your Dosh digital wallet, the hassle around splitting payments & reimbursing friends will be a thing of the past. And you only need your smartphone.  

Don’t let the logistics of splitting the bill tarnish the end of a great friends or family get-together. Get Dosh, and watch said logistics evaporate into thin air, forever! Join our waitlist now for Dosh news, including launch date later this year. Change the way you pay & receive money forever, with Dosh.