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Earn cashback with Dosh Deals

Head to Deals in the Dosh app to earn cashback rewards from your favourite brands. Cashback is applied when you shop with your Dosh Visa Debit Card via the link in the Dosh Deals in-app.

Doshback Rewards

Earn 1% Doshback

Additionally, earn 1% cashback on your total monthly eligible spend with Doshback Rewards. Use your Dosh Visa Debit Card every time you purchase to increase your monthly Doshback reward.

You choose

Get the best cashback offers

Check Dosh Deals regularly to find the best cashback offers around. Filter by location, category and budget and choose the Deal that works best for you.

Big name brands

Saving you more

We offer a range of fantastic cashback offers some your favourite online brands. Our Deals are updated regularly, so check back often to see what's on.

  1. Countdown Online
  2. Lululemon
  3. Puma, and much more

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are Dosh Deals?

    Dosh Deals are exclusive to Dosh customers. Tap on the Deals section in your app to see what's on this month, then click on the link the deal and use your Dosh Visa Debit Card to complete the purchase online to redeem the cashback on offer. See the terms in the Deal to find out payment term and other important information.

    What sort of Deals can I expect to find?

    In the Deals section you'll find generous cashback offers from your favourite online brands. Countdown Online, Puma, Lululemon, and much more. Deals are updated regularly so check in often to find out what's new.

    When will my cashback be paid?

    You'll find the terms of each Deal in the app. Cashback is paid from a minimum of 30 days from purchase date. Read the fineprint to know when to expect your cashback reward.

    Why would I use the Dosh Visa Debit Card ahead of my other Tap & Go cards?

    Dosh Visa Debit Card purchases earn you the best value cashback rewards in NZ, with zero fees. The Dosh Visa Debit Card paired with the Dosh app open up a world of next-level convenience when it comes to splitting bills on the spot. Think of them as wingmen. With a regular debit card, you can pay the restaurant bill, but the only option to be paid back by your dinner mates is online bank transfer. You'll need to send out your 16-digit bank account number and check back on your account regularly in the hope people have remembered to pay you back. Bank transfers don't happen at all over the weekend. With the Dosh Visa Debit Card simply tap & go or pay online, then open your Dosh app, tap on the Split icon next to the transaction, select contacts and hit send. Dosh does the maths then sends an instant split bill request to their mobile phone. When they tap 'Accept', the money you are owed will be back in your account instantly. Before Dosh, there was no debit card connected to an instant peer-to-peer payments platform. Now you have Dosh, see for yourself how easy sharing out costs instantly is. A weekend away, sorting flat bills, after work Friday drinks with the team, chipping in for fuel or a birthday present - the list goes on! All instant, 24/7. Clever huh?