Dosh for Business

Transform your business

Save money on fees and eliminate terminal hire costs. Accept contactless payments instantly via QR code and manage your transactions from your dedicated business portal. Dosh for Business is free to set up and simple to use.

Pay instantly with QR codes

Have multiple points of sale

Multiple points of sale? Set up as many as you need, all linked back to the same account.

Dosh Deals

Set up Dosh Deals

Get more people through the door by customising discounts and offers to suit your business.

Set up your Dosh Deals from your business portal, filter by category, location and budget, then watch the customers roll in.

Every penny counts

Lower merchant fees

With a daily fee of 1.5%, Dosh for Business offers the lowest merchant fees in New Zealand.

  1. Contactless, easy, instant payments
  2. Eliminate terminal hire fees. Turn any mobile device into your very own payments terminal
  3. Full visibility of transactions

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    Frequently asked questions

    How much will Dosh for Business cost?

    Dosh for Business is free to set up. It is free to accept payments via your Dosh for Business QR code, or the Dosh for Business app on your phone (find this in the app store once you've registered with Dosh for Business). Every day the takings in your Dosh for Business account are automatically swept into your nominated bank account. This nightly sweep incurs a 1.5% fee.

    How is Dosh better than the way I currently receive money?

    Payments are made instantly when a customer scans your Dosh QR code from their Dosh app. Transactions are free; there is a daily 1.5% fee when money is automatically transferred into your regular bank account overnight. You can download Dosh for Business for free from your App Store, and transform your everyday device into a payments terminal. No more EFTPOS hireage fees.

    Is Dosh cryptocurrency?

    No, Dosh is not cryptocurrency. Dosh is NZ dollars transferred from your bank account and accessed from your Dosh wallet (the Dosh app on your smartphone). All monies are held securely in a trust account at a New Zealand bank. Dosh is a registered financial services provider.

    Why would I use the Dosh Card ahead of my other Tap & Go cards?

    The Dosh Card paired with the Dosh app open up a world of next-level convenience when it comes to splitting bills on the spot. Think of them as wingmen. With a regular debit card, you can pay the restaurant bill, but the only option to be paid back by your dinner mates is online bank transfer. You'll need to send out your 16-digit bank account number and check back on your account regularly in the hope people have remembered to pay you back. Bank transfers don't happen at all over the weekend. With the Dosh Card simply tap & go or pay online, then open your Dosh app, tap on the Split icon next to the transaction, select contacts and hit send. Dosh does the maths then sends an instant split bill request to their mobile phone. When they tap 'Accept', the money you are owed will be back in your account instantly. Before Dosh, there was no debit card connected to an instant peer-to-peer payments platform. Now you have Dosh, see for yourself how easy sharing out costs instantly is. A weekend away, sorting flat bills, after work Friday drinks with the team, chipping in for fuel or a birthday present - the list goes on! All instant, 24/7. Clever huh?