Dosh - Winners of the Canstar Innovation Excellence Award for 2023

Kiwis are facing tough times with the ongoing cost of living crisis in New Zealand. The 'Big 4' banks are reducing their rewards at a time when Kiwis need them most, but one company has turned this on its head. Dosh, the country's first mobile wallet company, has launched Doshback Rewards, the best value card rewards programme in the country, giving Kiwis 1% cashback on every eligible Dosh Visa Debit Card purchase in the calendar month, without any sign-up or annual fees. [The Dosh Visa Debit Card is free to order once a Dosh account has been opened.]

Dosh has received recognition for its innovative approach to finance, with Doshback Rewards winning the company its second consecutive Canstar Excellence in Innovation Award. The company has been praised for its commitment to providing Kiwis with a unique and valuable card rewards programme, and its focus on helping customers manage their finances more effectively, especially during tough economic times.

Jose George, Canstar New Zealand General Manager, said: “The award winners all showed a razor-sharp focus on improving the lives of their customers through innovative ideas and advanced technology.

“The winners support both small businesses, and Kiwi households. The products are market leading, and the providers show a real commitment to making their customers’ financial decisions easier, faster and better. In an environment where budget pressure is coming from all sides, this is to be commended. We’re thrilled to announce these winners today.”

Dosh co-founders Shane Marsh and James McEniery with Jose George and Anne-Marie Lewis from Canstar NZ.

Dosh's cashback rewards programme has been well received by customers, with more and more people using their Dosh Visa Debit Card to make larger purchases and receive cashback rewards every Dosh Day, which falls on the 3rd business day of the month. Customers can use this cashback to ease the burden of living costs and help with utility bills, or set it aside as savings.

Commenting on the award, Dosh co-founder Shane Marsh said, "We are thrilled to win the Canstar Excellence in Innovation Award for the second year in a row. This award is a testament to our commitment to providing Kiwis with an innovative, easy-to-use financial services solution and card rewards programme to help them save money during these tough economic times. We believe that financial wellness should be accessible to all, and Doshback Rewards is one way we’re making that a reality.”

Dosh is currently working towards its next capital raise later in the year, following a successful Seed Fund raise in early 2022. The company is committed to further innovation and expansion, with the aim of becoming Kiwis' one-stop financial super-app of choice. Next product release early May 23.

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Contact: James McEniery - Dosh