Pay and get paid with Dosh

Zero Account Fees

Zero Monthly Fees

Zero Account Fees

Zero Monthly Fees

Send & request

Pay your friends faster

Don’t let old debts come between you. Pay your friends back instantly, 24/7 with Dosh. Or use Request to Pay, to send a payment request to be reimbursed on the spot instantly.

Split payments

Split bills easily

Pick up the tab, don’t foot the bill.

Pay with your Dosh Visa Debit Card
Open your app, tap on the transaction, select your friends and let Dosh do the maths
Your money will be in your account as soon as the request to pay is accepted

Scan QR codes

Pay instantly with QR codes

Don’t have their mobile number?
Share your personal Dosh QR code to get your money instantly.

Frequently asked questions

How much will Dosh cost?

There is no cost to open a Dosh account, to make payments to other Dosh users, or to receive payments. There are no fees to transfer money from your Dosh mobile wallet to a nominated bank account. There is a Windcave convenience fee of $0.70 to instantly add money to your account via Windcave. Adding money to your account via bank transfer is completely free. Please see our T&Cs for more information.

How is Dosh better than the way I currently pay or receive money?

Have you tried to pay someone via bank transfer recently? You need to set up a new payee within your online bank account, type in their 16-digit bank account number, add particulars, reference and code, and the money won’t show through to your account instantly. Unfortunately, the only way to instantly pay someone in New Zealand is with cash or bank cheque. That all changed when Dosh launched in 2021. With Dosh, payments are made instantly 24/7 from anywhere. You can pay to any mobile number in your phone contacts list – Dosh user or not, or simply generate a QR Code to share and be scanned.

Is Dosh cryptocurrency?

No, Dosh is not cryptocurrency. Dosh is NZ dollars transferred from your bank account and accessed from your Dosh wallet (the Dosh app on your smartphone). All monies are held securely in a trust account at a New Zealand bank. Dosh is a registered financial services provider.

Can I only pay or request money from other Dosh users?

No. You can pay anyone from your phone contacts list, not just Dosh users. Open your Dosh app, select Pay & Request – Pay To My Contacts. Find the contact you want to pay/request to pay from, enter the amount and hit Next. Check your payment details are correct, then tap Confirm. If your contact does not have Dosh, we send an SMS to the recipient with your referral code, and when they open a Dosh account your payment is waiting for them. If they use your referral code at sign-up, you will receive a $5 referral bonus. Every payment or request for payment (request to pay) to a new Dosh user will earn you $5, as long as they use your referral code. What happens if they don’t download the app? New Dosh users have seven days from receiving the SMS to download Dosh and receive your payment. A reminder SMS is sent on Day six; and on Day seven if they still haven’t downloaded the app, your payment will be reversed to your Dosh account.

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