We’ve got your back, we’re on your side

Shane Marsh Co-founder of Dosh was invited to speak at the New Zealand Economic Forum in February.

Other speakers included representatives from the Reserve Bank NZ & Sharsies CEO.

“Dosh is a best-in-class money app that enables customers to better manage their money, their spending and their savings. We believe kiwis deserve the world’s best digital solutions to maximise their financial well being but we also know right now, this is far from reality.

It worries us many New Zealanders are hurting financially and feeling the chill winds of inflation and a cost-of-living crisis. It also worries us that whilst everyday households are working hard to make ends meet, the major trading banks in NZ – the most profitable on the planet - are delivering record profits at the expense of normal kiwi standards of living. Everyone accepts financial stability is important but seriously, at what cost ?

At Dosh we believe the time is now to bring digital innovation, fresh thinking and new ideas to banking and financial services. We believe New Zealanders deserve way better choices and value than is currently on offer today. If it means disruption, disturbance and challenging the status quo to help us deliver, then bring it on.

This is who we are and why we exist. We are committed to designing and building for the digital generation who get us, who want better, who aren’t set in their ways, who aren’t complacent and who absolutely want to improve their financial wellbeing. “

You can watch the short presentation below on YouTube.