5 ways Dosh helps New Zealanders take back control of their money

As New Zealand’s first mobile wallet, Dosh aims to give Kiwis the ability to take back control of their money. Whether you are chasing flat bill, grabbing the bill for dinner with mates, selling something on TradeMe, or using your debit card to spend, you should be able to do so easily and 24/7! With Dosh, you have the freedom to spend your money how you wish, move your cash around with ease, and get paid back instantly, even on a Saturday.

Here are 5ways Dosh helps you to stay in control of your hard-earned money.

1.       Request to Pay

We’ve all been in that awkward situation of having to chase up your friends or flatmates for the bill you covered. Then, to spend time checking your bank account every few hours to see if the money has made its way to you. With Dosh Request to Pay, simply send a payment request to a mobile number and get paid back instantly. You can also easily keep track of who owes you money and be notified when you’re paid back.

2.       Doshback Rewards

With the Dosh Visa Debit Card, you have the power to get the most out of your money by earning 1% cashback on every eligible purchase made with your Dosh Card. No sign-up fees or recurring annual fees. All you need to do is order your Dosh Visa Debit Card in the Dosh app, activate your card, and start spending your Dosh. Your Doshback rewards are automatically calculated and dropped into your account on the 3rdof the month on your total spend from the month prior.

The Dosh Visa Debit Card is New Zealand’s only debit card cashback rewards programme. No airy fairy points, just dollars. For more information, head here:

3.       Dosh Deals

The rewards don’t stop there! On top of Doshback Rewards, gain access to the Dosh Deals tab in the app. Here, you can access additional deals from some awesome stores and receive up to 10% cashback on your purchases. These cashback deals are paid to your account 30 – 60 days after you make the purchase. Download the Dosh app to check out our current deals!

4.       Instant Payments

Selling items on marketplace platforms, such as TradeMe, can be stressful waiting to money to come through from a stranger. With Dosh, the buyer can easily download Dosh, sign up in a few minutes and instantly send you the money on the spot using your QR code or mobile number.

5.       Split Bills

Whether you are organising a weekend away with friends or grabbing the bill for dinner, splitting the bill with Dosh is super easy and instant. If you have paid using your Dosh Visa Debit Card, split the bill straight from the transaction on your Dosh app. Easily select your friends and we’ll do the maths for you. You’ll receive your money as soon as your friends accepts the request to pay.