App Update – Pay Anyone

6 min read

We’re always working to add to and improve your Dosh experience. Our most recent release introduces the functionality to pay or request from anyone in your Contacts list, not just Dosh users.

This has been a consistent piece of feedback from you since our launch. We have been working hard to implement this new functionality and are delighted to see it go live.

How does it work?

When you send a payment or request to a contact without Dosh, they will receive an SMS containing your referral code, asking them to download the app. When they open the account, the payment or request for payment will be waiting for them. If they use your referral code at sign-up, you will receive a $5 referral bonus. Every payment or request for payment to a new Dosh user will earn you $5, as long as they use your referral code.

What if they don’t download the app?

New Dosh users have fourteen days from receiving the SMS to download Dosh and receive your payment. A reminder SMS is sent on Day Thirteen; and on Day Fourteen if they still haven’t downloaded the app, your payment will be reversed to your Dosh account.

When might I use this new functionality?

You have regularly talked to us about making online marketplace payments easier. Now, with the ability to pay anyone, not only can the purchaser pay you easily via mobile phone number, you also stand to earn $5 on top of your selling price. Remember, payments between Dosh wallets are instant, 24/7, which means you can settle your weekend trades on the spot.

At Dosh, we strive to provide Kiwis with a simple, secure financial platform that makes everyday transactions between friends and to businesses easier. We have more exciting developments ahead in 2022 focused on giving you great freedom, control, and access to your money, 24/7.

We’d love to hear about your experience with Dosh, please get in touch at to let us know.