Dosh Fintech Forum – Lincoln University

Dosh co-founder Shane Marsh was recently invited to lead a forum with students participating in the Master of Fintech & Investment Management programme at Lincoln University. The topic was Why Fintech Now?, with Shane covering off the basics before diving deeper into fintech in New Zealand, and in particular the journey to create, launch and grow New Zealand’s first mobile wallet.

Shane shares some fascinating insights and relatable learnings from his fintech journey to date, as well as deeper industry insights including trends in fintech today and the skills required to work in this field.

Tune in to watch Shane’s session here. It’s a great watch with plenty of learnings for those wanting to find out more about fintech.

Shane has a passion for digital payments, disrupting the status quo and challenging traditional layers of friction to give Kiwis greater financial freedom, control over and access to their money.

If you’d like Shane to present at an upcoming event, get in touch with us at