Savings accounts have officially landed in the Dosh app, Introducing: Strives

Dosh is wrapping up 2023 with a bang and an epic feature release. We are very excited to introduce you to Dosh Strives. Strives are our game-changing savings accounts designed to help you save and provide tools to make saving a tad easier.

Strive accounts are ideal for your longer-term savings goals such as saving up for a home deposit, new car, or a holiday. Strives allow you to set a goal, track your progress and build on your savings by earning the bonus interest rate when you grow your balance or set and forget your saving.

What do I need to know about Strives?

- Earn a competitive bonus interest rate as long as your end of month balance is equal to or higher than the month prior.

- Set a savings goal and track your progress in the Dosh app at any moment.

- Your funds are securely held on trust with a registered bank to provide you with an epic interest rate and for your peace of mind.

- Enjoy unlimited withdrawals 🎉 We understand life can be unexpected at times so we won’t penalise you for taking money out of your Strive when you need it. Just make sure that your balance is equal to or higher than the month prior.

- Open Strive accounts instantly so you can start saving towards goals the minute you think of them.

*Interest rate is subject to change and total interest rate criteria applies. See our T&C’s for more details on earning interest.

Hot tip🔥: Strive accounts work hand in hand with Dosh Stashes as the ultimate money management team so you can stash your money for the short term and save for the long term. 💥

Download Dosh from your App Store and open your Strive account today.