The Edge $50k Flatmate with DOSH!

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And that’s a wrap!

After nearly two weeks of living in The Edge $50k Flatmate with Dosh, Takana and Caleb were the last two flatties standing – and Takana won!

But before we Doshed the remaining $27,376 into Takana’s account, we dropped a surprise twist on him – would he keep the entire amount to himself, or split it with second-place and new bestie, Caleb?

And without even thinking twice, Takana decided to split the cash – so they both walked away with $13k each! So amazing.

And then it was their turn to surprise us – both Takana and Caleb then chose to Dosh $3000 each to third-place Charday, so she didn’t walk away empty-handed – so she won $6000!


This was the final balance that Takana had to split or steal!

More pics and videos of the final moment are coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that over at Thanks for following along and getting amongst the live stream and live chat, it’s been a blast!

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The Edge $50k Flatmate with DOSH – The house where YOU bring home the DOSH!

Takana & Caleb sharing their winnings with Charday via Dosh; and our 3 flatmates’ final Dosh account balances.