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Doshback Rewards 1% Cashback on Monthly Spend

Doshback Rewards - Terms and Conditions

We are rewarding you to use your Dosh Card.

This Promotion (the “Promotion”) entitles every Dosh account holder 1% cashback on their total monthly spend on their Dosh Card per calendar month (the “Reward”). Doshback Rewards are valid from 1.1.2023.
Read more on limits at https://intercom.help/dosh-nz/en/articles/6412057-dosh-account-limits

There are no sign-up fees or recurring annual fees. There is no application process. To be eligible just order your Dosh Card and use it on everyday purchases to earn 1% cashback, paid direct to your Dosh account.
More detail can be found here: https://intercom.help/dosh-nz/en/articles/6856766-doshback-rewards

You will only be paid the Reward if you meet the criteria in these terms and conditions, so please keep reading to find out how the Promotion works. 

Doshback Rewards run from 1 January 2023 12:01 AM NZT. We call this the “Promotion Period”. You must meet all the criteria during the Promotion Period. If you do not, or if you partially meet a criteria during the Promotion Period, you will not receive a Reward. 

Who is eligible for the Promotion? 
Anyone who has an active Dosh account and activated Dosh Card is eligible. If you do not have an active Dosh account and a Dosh Card, or your Dosh account has a block on it, you are not eligible.

What do you need to do to earn the Reward? 
To be eligible, you must be a registered Dosh user, with an activated Dosh Card, and purchase using your Dosh Card in store or online anywhere Visa is accepted. You must use your Dosh Card to complete the purchase. The maximum number of transactions you can make is unlimited. See link to limits above. Dosh reserves the right to not pay cashback on transactions it believes fall outside of the intent of the promotion, at our sole discretion.

What else?
·        Doshback is NZ's only debit card cashback rewards programme
·        Earn 1% cashback on your total monthly spend, paid on 3rd day of the month following. If the 3rd day of the month falls on a weekend or public holiday, your 1% cashback will be paid to your Dosh account on the next business day
·        Cashback is calculated on eligible purchases, which exclude cash advances, gambling, betting or lottery transactions, IRD payments, unauthorised transactions on your account, transactions with securities brokers or dealers or buy now pay later providers, debt repayments, transactions for cryptocurrency or quasi-cash. Doshback payments are net of reversals and refunds
·        As the Dosh Visa Debit Card is a consumer card, Business expenses are ineligible of earning Doshback.
·        No annual fees, restrictions on redemption, unexpected interest charges
·        Earned when purchase is made with the Dosh Card everywhere Visa is accepted       

What other legal information should I know? 
We may, at our sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change these terms and conditions without notice. These terms are published in English. This means only the English version can be used in legal proceedings. This Promotion is a one-sided campaign, where only the eligible Dosh Card holder can be awarded the Reward. The Reward will be paid to the referrer’s main account balance. Rewards will be paid the next business day after the end of the Promotion Period. Please note, business days do not include statutory holidays. Dosh reserves the right to not pay cashback on transactions it believes fall outside of the intent of the promotion, at our sole discretion. To be eligible for a Reward, you must comply with these terms and conditions and all other terms and conditions that apply to your account. If we believe that you have engaged in any fraud or material abuse of this Promotion we may in our sole discretion take any actions we see fit in the circumstances. These Promotion terms and conditions are an agreement between you and the MCA Investments Ltd company which provides you with your account. If you have any questions or complaints about this Promotion, you should contact Dosh at contact@dosh.nz. If you are a customer of Dosh, this Promotion is governed by English law and the courts of New Zealand have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute relating to it.