Introducing Doshback, NZ's best value rewards programme

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Introducing Doshback Rewards

Introducing Doshback, the best value rewards programme in Aotearoa.

Doshback Rewards earn you actual dollars. Not airy fairy points. No invented currency to convert. No fees. No membership structure. No catalogue to shop from. No catch. Just cash.

What is it?

Doshback rewards you to use your Dosh Card, New Zealand's only debit card offering real cashback rewards for everyday spending. Better yet, there are no sign-up fees or recurring annual fees. In fact, you don't even need to apply. Just order your Dosh Card and start spending to earn cash, paid direct to your Dosh account. Put it towards your next purchase or set it aside as savings.

How does it work?

Every eligible purchase you make with the Dosh Card counts. You’ll earn 1% cashback on your total monthly spend with the Dosh Card. No fees, no strings.

Use your Dosh Card for groceries, flat bills - all your everyday purchases - and watch the cash roll back in. Doshback is paid on the 3rd day of the month on your total spend for the month prior.

How much does it cost?

Zilch. Zip. Zero. Unlike other rewards programmes, Doshback is completely fee-free. That's right, there are no annual fees, and no sign-up fees; no smoke, no mirrors. Doshback Rewards are the best around.

Data table correct at 22.12.22. No minimum spend required.

What do I need to be eligible?

You need an active Dosh account and an activated Dosh Card. No other eligibility criteria apply.

What do I need to know?

  • NZ's only debit card cashback rewards programme
  • Earn cashback on your everyday spend
  • The best value for everyday account spend in NZ
  • No annual fees, restrictions on redemption, unexpected interest charges
  • Earned everywhere Visa is accepted

See our Doshback Rewards T&Cs for more details.

In the meantime, move your Dosh Card to the front of your wallet and use it every time you spend - your Doshback will soon add up, you'll see.

Download Dosh from your App Store and order your free Dosh Debit Card today.